Thursday, May 5

Cheer Mom

I have always said that my daughter - with her athletic body, competitive spirit, good looks, extroverted personality, and big mouth - was born to be a cheerleader. This past fall I enrolled her in tumbling classes in preparation for tryouts for the high school team. It worked, she made the JV team as a rising 8th grader.

I sat at the "new cheerleader reception" on Monday night with a bag of mixed feelings. I was super proud of Cassie, and pleased with myself for helping her get what she wanted. I was already picturing the fabulous scrapbook I'll be creating in my head.

I was also nervous - I don't think of myself as the "cheer mom" type, I can't imagine I will fit in, but I don't want to disappoint or embarass her (any more than I do just by being MOM that is . . . )

I looked around thinking, this sure wasn't my crowd in high school. I was a nerd, did well academically, historian of the drama club, president of the English club, but certainly NOT a cheerleader! While I may have affected an air of disdain for the cheer leaders, honestly, I didn't have the opportunity. I didn't have the financial or emotional support from my family which is necessary for cheerleading and most other activities. It was never an option for me. I remember secretly wishing I could be a cheerleader, but that was a closed door.

I AM a Cheer Mom. Regardless of the stereotype or the "clicks" I may encounter, I am in fact a Cheer Mom now. What have I gotten myself into now??

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