Monday, January 14

Free School Grade Scrapbook Printable Titles

I've been working on school albums for my friend's children as a gift.  She is not much of a scrapper, so I need to make it easy.   I wanted cohesive, simple set of grade titles but could not find anything ready to print, so I made my own.  I took the free chalkboard background from Foolish Fire and used a free school cursive font called LA EI 2, and created a set of titles I could print 4x6.   These are quick and easy, if you snag them just leave me some blog love!


  1. does anyone even know you still have a blog? Anyway, yes, I snagged these for 7-12. Already had a set of grade titles that I paid for, but I might like these even better! :)

  2. I doubt it as I am just resurrecting but I am so glad you like them!